Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yes I'm still here!!

Hello remember me??
It sure has been a while! (shock horror: nearly 2 years!)
So much has happened in the time that passed since my last posting!
We were hit by a mayor flood in Jan 2011
My home days after the flood hit

On our way to the evacuation center which had to be evacuated soon after too

We lost most of our furniture and I lost a lot of my craft patterns and supplies as well.
We lived in a tent in the back yard for a few weeks while cleaning up the house.
Then we had to deal with the fact that the insurance wasn't going to pay out at all.

And if that wasn't enough of life experience, hubby decided that he wasn't too happy in his job  of 20years and it was time for a change!
After some extensive research it was decided he was was going to resign and we were going to run our own business!
The business was purchased  and resignations were handed in.
The business is in a town an hours drive from our then home, which meant another move was on the cards (I'm a sucker for punishment aren't I? Not enough stress so lets add some more!)
The business  (we sell and re-fill ink cartridges) has now been going for a year and we're doing well!
Life has slowed down a bit again and I'm finding more time for my crafting again!
At the moment my craft of choice is knitting socks. There just isn't a better feeling then putting on some hand knitted socks! They are so cosy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Peacock Pillow

Cross stitched peacock pillow size: 4.5"x2.5". Stitched on aged french butter cloth (about 17 stitches to the inch) in green and backed with a green Civil War repro fabric and stuffed with rags.
This little beauty will look great on a cupboard or tucked on a shelf or in a basket! (hanger is easily removed!)

Price: AU$10.00 plus AU$2.00 postage

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 miniature Xstitch pillows

Is it too early for Reindeer? Of course not! It is never too early for anything Christmas related, so without further ado:
I've got for Sale 3 miniature pillows, which will look great tucked into a bowl of greenery come Christmas time!!
All pillows have been stitched on aged French Butter cloth
Pillow 1 (top left in pic) is 1.25"x1.5" red stitching, Pillow 2 (top right) 1.5"x2" brown stitching, Pillow 3 (bottom of pic)1"x1.5" and green stitching.

Price for the set of 3 pillows is AU$7.50 plus AU$1.50 (I am willing to send overseas, but please email me first so I can work out the proper postage!)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lil Pumpkinhead doll

Up For Sale I have a cute little doll (7" from the bottom of her dress to the tip of her little stalk!)
Hand made by me from muslin, painted black and sanded for an aged prim look!
Lil Pumpkinhead is wearing a red dress with a little osnaburg pocket to hold some greenery! Her little arms are black pipe cleaners.
She is made from a pattern by Jackie Schmidt of TFC Folk Art

Price AU$15.00 plus AU$4.00 postage


Offering For Sale a 14"x4.5"Prim wooden sign in French Blue with white lettering and 2 black crows!
The sign has a black base coat under the French Blue. It comes with 1 saw toothed hanger at the back, so you can either hang it on the wall or sit on a shelf!

All my signs are made with recycled wood and as such won't be perfect!

Price: AU$12.00 and AU$5.90 postage

Prim BASKETS sign

I'm offering For Sale a lovely Prim wooden sign (19.5"x4.5") pine board with a black base coat and a creamy topcoat with the word BASKETS stenciled onto it with Burgundy paint.
All my signs are made with recycled wood and as such are not perfect!
Each sign comes with 1 or 2 (depending on size!) sawtoothed hangers on the back

Price: AU$15 and AU$5.90 postage

Prim DRY GOODS sign

Up for sale is a 25"x4.5" wooden sign.
All my signs are made from re-cycled wood and as such will never be perfect! This sign has a black base coat and burgundy top coat, with white lettering. And has 2 sawtoothed hangers on the back

Price: AU$15.00 and AU$5.90 postage

WeLcOmE To My SelLiNg BlOg!!

I've decided to start my own selling blog! I'm accumulating too much stuff! Hubby is threatening to move it all outside!
So I will offer things for sale on here instead!!
Check back often! I will try and list new things often.
A lot of my things will be hand made, auction or op-shop finds. And as such they won't be perfect, but I will describe every item as honestly and clearly as possible